I’ve worked with Stone Aspen Builders on a couple projects in the last few years. David is very good at being the team member guiding the projects to get the clients what they desire while striving to keep it in budget. The quality of their work is top rate.
— Gayle Berkey - Architect

Construction Consulting & LEADERSHIP,

Photo by Kritchanut/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Kritchanut/iStock / Getty Images

In its basic form, our Construction Leadership / Consulting is an Owner's Representative service that acts as an extension of our clients’ construction staff. From a single bid review to managing the day-to-day operations of a project, we are capable of adapting our services to our clients’ needs. The Owner's Representative can advise and represent the Owner, Interior Designer, or Real Estate Investor from the earliest stages of the project, starting with feasibility, to conceptual design, through the final design, permitting, pre-construction, bidding, construction, move-in and handling service requests.

As an Owner's Representative we advise the owner and communicate as a point of contact for a single member or all of the members of the construction project. This service frees the Owner’s resources, reduces uncertainty, and insures their interests are protected by a dedicated construction representative. It also allows Interior Designers and Real Estate Investors to continue to focus on their core business.


You want an Experienced Construction Advocate to :

  • Consult

  • Answer general questions

  • Get a second opinion

  • Receive unbiased cost opinions & data

  • Reduce uncertainty

  • Review the project feasibility

  • Help find a home site

  • Help hire an architect

  • Help hire a general contractor

  • Verify sub-contractors

  • Control costs

  • Improve communication

  • Monitor schedule & construction

  • Insure proper craftsmanship

  • Review & manage construction documents

  • Review & manage change orders (if needed)

  • Help grow your business

  • Help turn projects faster and more profitable

…Having been in the construction industry for many years it is my opinion the David is among the best contractors in the residential home construction. Having lived in our current residence for approximately 11 years without any problems speaks well for his ability to produce an excellent product.
— Gallop Family - Homeowners

List of Services


  • Investment Review

  • Project Feasibility Review

  • Building Site Evaluations

  • Pre-land purchase survey, soils, utilities, sitework, fees, regulations & permit analysis

  • Analyze Real Estate Market

  • Pre-Construction Estimates

  • Estimate Future Reserves (Roof, Appliances, Flooring, HVAC, Fence, Landscape, Concrete, etc.)

Photo by onairjiw/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by onairjiw/iStock / Getty Images


  • Assist in Architect selection

  • Value Engineering

  • Construction Feasibility

  • Review of Plans and Specifications

  • Discuss Design Trends

  • Interior Renderings & Plans

  • Design Review Guidance

  • Oversee and/or coordinate selections of colors, materials, fixtures, and equipment

  • Attend all neighborhood, zoning and planning approval meetings

  • Assist in General Contractor selection

Photo by kemaltaner/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by kemaltaner/iStock / Getty Images


  • Verify permit submital

  • Coordinate with utility companies and city agencies for incoming services

  • Review Master Project Schedule

  • Review Comprehensive Project Budget

  • Bid package preparation

  • Contract document review

  • Bid evaluations

  • Provide reports to the Owner

  • Provide advice regarding potential project pitfalls and suggest solutions

Photo by Jirapong Manustrong/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Jirapong Manustrong/iStock / Getty Images

Construction Management

  • Oversee Project Coordination

  • Represent the owner

  • Project Schedule review, management and oversight

  • Monitor construction schedule

  • Conduct project meetings

  • Oversight Daily Construction

  • Provide daily documentation

  • Monitor status of inspections, change orders, and selection schedules

  • Monitor Construction for compliance with design and specifications

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  • Coordinate & oversee final punch lists

  • Oversee final inspections

  • Insure Certificate of Occupancy

  • Review Warranty Procedures