We really appreciate the way you understand that the little decisions can feel as important as the big ones and your personal involvement in helping to weigh the alternatives and provide input, not to mention you are always working hard to get the best prices for top quality work and materials”
— Monica G. | Homeowner

Our Custom Home Philosophy

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A new luxury custom home champions the exploration of a smaller footprint, both physically and ecologically, combined with exceptional architecture, authentic modern design, sustainability, superior craftsmanship, and quality materials. The 21st Century luxury custom home creates an experience designed around a family's lifestyle and creative aspirations.

A luxury home can be a smaller bungalow, a mid-sized contemporary farm house or a high-end modern custom home. The "livable" square footage is determined by the home owner's "essential" needs. The home’s design is as beautiful as it is useful. The home enhances a family's quality of life.

The design and craftsmanship come from the heart.

About our Custom Homes

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It is all about rethinking the modern custom home from the beginning. Our focus is on authentic design, skilled craftsmanship and sustainability. We build smaller footprint, lower-maintenance, luxury custom homes with open spaces, lots of windows, and floor plans that make sense. Our unique and innovative designs are comfortably designed around lifestyles, built-to-last, functional, smart, reliable, and energy efficient.

We work with industry leading architects to carefully design custom homes that:

- champion authentic and imaginative design
- connect people to the outdoors
- have smaller footprints, both ecologically and literally
- streamline the construction process



Let’s meet for coffee and get to know one another. We can answer any questions you might have about the design and custom building process. We want to learn more about your family’s vision. If possible, we would like to evaluate your building site. If you need assistance finding a building site for your custom home, we can assist here too.


After we learn about your home site's characteristics, your preferred design aesthetics, architectural details and the investment you’re looking to achieve in your custom home, we can devise a plan and prepare a detailed proposal for you.

At this point, we will have a broader scope and nature of your custom home build. We promise our compensation will be competitive and commensurable with the scope of your custom home project.

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Whether you have engaged an architect or need a referral, we will work in a team environment to align your investment goals with the design aesthetics and architectural details you’re looking for in your custom home. We will consult on construction costs and design feasibility as it pertains to your building site, project investment and family goals. Architectural plans will be drawn and custom materials will be selected. Your custom home might need to go through a design review process.


Based on your final home design, we will put together a detailed conceptual construction budget to make sure we are on track with your investment goals. We finalize specifications and create a final working estimate. We work directly with the design team to finalize your custom home's construction documents and submit the necessary paperwork to the building department for permitting.


Once we have the building permit in hand, we can start digging the foundation of your custom home. This is where we delicately balance your investment by keeping your project within scope, on time, and on budget; while ensuring your project is carefully crafted with precision and attention to detail.

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#6 - DWELL

We have built your custom home and hope we have built a lasting friendship. It is time for you to move in and enjoy your new home. We are not going anywhere. If needed, we will continue to provide workmanship requests and any assistance that you might need.